About Us


Tommy Matheos is first generation American in his family.  Both of his parents were from southern Greece, outside the ancient city of Sparta.  Tommy’s father, Tasso (short for Anastasios) was focused on agriculture back in Greece, planting and harvesting over 400 walnut, olive and chestnut trees on his family’s property. The southern Greek region they resided in is known for its olive oil production. The family still currently produces olive oil from the historic trees on their southern Greek property.

Tasso emigrated to Canada from southern Greece to help his brother who was starting out in the restaurant industry.  From server to cook to restaurant owner, Tasso eventually moved to Long Island and founded the Olympic Diner in Deer Park in 1980. 

Tommy grew up helping out at the diner. He moved from a dishwasher and busboy, eventually becoming a waiter. Tommy admired the values that his father emphasized in his diner business – especially his focus on treating customers with the utmost care and hospitality.  However, Tommy had a dream to do something a bit different. He wanted to not only provide amazing service with a smile, but also present clean, authentic, made from scratch Greek cuisine in a timely and environmentally-friendly manner. 

Believe it or not, Chipotle had a tremendous impact on bringing Tommy’s vision to reality. Their ‘made from scratch’ philosophy and focus on team development inspired Tommy to develop his ‘Go Greek’ concept.  In addition, Gabriella, Tommy’s wife, helped him evolve his Go Greek dream into a reality. And together, Tommy, Gabriella and their 2 children, launched Go Greek in 2016 at its first location in Garden City. 

Authentic Greek

When he was a young boy visiting Greece, Tommy didn’t like tomatoes. But then, one day, his grandmother harvested and cut up some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, dried oregano and olive oil.  She made him take some tomato and bread and dip it in olive oil – and he absolutely loved it. From then on, he had a true appreciation for the authenticity of the food that was consumed in Greece.  Vegetables – especially leafy and wild greens such as dandelion, string beans, and spinach – are popular in Greece. Lamb is enjoyed mainly on special occasions. Potatoes, pork and chicken are very popular as well. 

Traditional, fresh, conscious, simple – that’s the way to Go Greek.

Go Greek offers fresh, authentic, made from scratch, healthy Greek cuisine in a timely manner that is always served with a smile.  The food is handmade. They take no shortcuts during preparation: no frozen foods, no microwaves and no can openers. They use the highest quality ingredients and use non-GMO and antibiotic free meat as much as possible.

Greek tradition is about simplicity and the ability to look for innovation for the future. Go Greek uses biodegradable, compostable packaging to make a positive ecological impact on our earth.